Preparing for a job interview: How to stand out
Preparing for a job interview: How to stand out

Despite the pandemic's impact on an already tough job market, there are still some sectors that are seeing high demand for candidates, such as information technology. Every company is trying to attract top applicants but recognising the best talent between equally skilled professionals can be a challenge.

What are the top 5 things that can help you stand out in the job interview?

1. Passion

While skills and experience are important, passion is a desired trait that can't be taught.

Don't be afraid to be your authentic self and show your enthusiasm about the opportunity, but also don't try to fake it. You don't want the hiring manager to doubt your interest in the role.

2. Culture

It is also important that both you and the interviewer feel that you will fit into the company's culture. The interviewer may assess this through their questions to define if candidates match the company's cultural values, especially within smaller companies.

This is not about agreeing with the interviewer or simply saying what you think they want to hear but it's about having valuable input and approach that will fit within the team and benefit them in the long run.

3. Preparation

If you want to be seen as a top-quality candidate, it is important that you put the time in to prepare. Make sure you are informed about the company, its values and its vision, as well as familiar with its insights and priorities, so you can understand what their mission is.

It may also be useful to find out who your interviewer will be and examine their background and experience and prepare some questions that will be relevant for the job and specific to the interviewer and their role.

4. Resourcefulness

With more workers operating remotely than ever before, resourcefulness has never been more critical, especially in fast-paced industries.

Therefore, you will want to try to demonstrate your ability to solve problems and take initiative.

5. Willingness to learn

You may not have all the skills and experience, but you should demonstrate that you are eager to learn and able to get up to speed quickly.

During the interview, you may want to consider asking questions to emphasise your interest in progression and professional development.

In highly competitive job markets, it is key to stand out from the crowd. Refining your interview skills will increase your confidence and in turn improve your performance.

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