Legal Recruitment

At Chase Delphi we understand the importance of finding the best legal talent and have an extensive network of candidates ranging from Paralegal to Partner, from Legal Executive to Trainees.

If you are looking to expand your team, talk to the team at Chase Delphi now.


Finance Recruitment

We work across the finance sector with a broad network of candidates ranging from Finance Directors to Accounts Assistant, from Tax Accountant to Corporate Finance, and everything in between.

Our team have extensive experience in the finance sector and understand what a stand-out candidate looks like, give us a call to discuss your needs in more detail.


IT & Tech Recruitment

In an industry that is increasingly important to the economy, our means of communications and to all other business industries, the Tech industry is booming and the competition for talent is as fierce as it has ever been.

At Chase Delphi we talk to candidates ranging from IT Directors and Managers to Software Developers, from Data Scientists to IT analysts and much more.

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Consultancy Services

At Chase Delphi, we want to put consulting back into the recruitment sector. If you are looking to grow your team and looking to add high quality Legal, Finance or IT professionals to your team, give us a call or an email.

Sometimes the right person may not be someone scouring the job market, but by understanding you and the sort of candidate you are looking for, we may know or can look for the person that best fits your needs.